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Almond Eyes Lotus Feet- Indian traditions in beauty and health

With a foreword by princess esra jah of Hyderabad
This is an extensive overview of indian traditions in beauty and healthcare. In india much knowledge about herbal beauty treatments and simple home remedies has been lost due to be passed on from one generation to another solely by word of mouth and practical demonstrations by elders in a family.
Indian women through generations have shared these sources and recipes geberously. With eachother in a spirit of togetherness. For them beauty and healthcare are complex xoncepts that blend tradition obligation, habit hygiene and even good recreation. The book evokes a sense of nostalgia of beauty, tantalising colours and textures a whiff of loved fragnrances, memories moods and feelings and the joys and bonds of sharing and caring.
The book captures its essence through the words of a chatty indian princess, now in her seventies.
Her memories cover topics like marriage, child birth, post natal care, child care hair face and body care and the significance of massage, perfiume amd jewellery. Also included is a glossary and practical recipes for face and body packs, simple home remedies and post natal foods.



Sharada Dwivedi & Shalini Devi Holkar




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